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Sound Team

Sound Designer (SD)

The Sound Designer is responsible for both the layout and spec of equipment used in audio reproduction and for obtaining the required sound effects for a given event. The audio equipment can range from speccing the microphones for a full 20 piece pit band with a variety of vocal and ambient microphones to editing backing tracks and creating soundbites for transitions during a dance show. They are also responsible for leading their team of sound engineers through a delicate combination of delegation, teaching and problem solving.

Sound Engineer

The Sound Engineer works with the Sound Designer during the get-in to rig and wire up the sound system. In some shows, there is also the opportunity to offer help during pre-production using audio editing techniques. During the performances, the sound engineer is often then responsible for the mixing of audio and sound checks pre-performance, using the equipment set-up and spec’d by the designer. They will also be in close discussion during the show with the DSM (Deputy Stage Manager), who will often call their cues for sound effects.

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