Crew roles

Management and Logistics

Production Manager (PM)

Each event or production is assigned a Production Manager (PM), who begins working with the performing group months in advance to plan their event, taking responsibility for scheduling and planning the production, recruiting and organising crew, and managing the overall budget for the technical elements. This position is recruited separately from the main crew call, usually at the end of the previous term, and involves working closely with the Committee.

Van Driver

Nearly all of our events involve collecting equipment or materials from around Yorkshire and transporting them to the LUU, so we frequently need van drivers to help us out! This role is recruited via individual crew calls and is a great way to keep your driving skills fresh while at Uni, and you just need a full driving licence to help out – LUU provides insurance and we provide the van! If you’re interested, get in touch with the Committee.

Load In/Load Out Crew

Load-in and load-out crew help with preparing the theatre for productions and taking them apart again. This is a great way to get involved with a little bit of everything without giving a large time commitment, as load-in and load-out usually take place on Sundays.


Some productions, such as dance and award shows, involve careful planning and logistical management to make sure the right people are in the right place to be on stage at the right time.  To accomplish this we usually need a team of runners, who will be stationed around the theatre and the building with radios to make sure that the performers and presenters know where they’re meant to be and are managed in their movements around the building.  This is a really fun role as you help coordinate the production and communications throughout the performance whilst getting to chat with various performers in the show.