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Front of House

The House Manager (HM) heads the Front of House team. They’re responsible for both the health and safety of the venue in co-operation with the SM (Stage Manager), and also for the relationship between the performance and the audience, helped by the Front of House assistants. The House Manager is also directly involved in counting and monitoring audience attendance, keeping logs of timings and any issues each night, and coordinating our evacuation procedures.

Front of House Assistant (FoH)

Front of House Assistants help the House Manager with their responsibilities and are usually responsible for checking tickets, keeping the hall clean and tidy and helping with queue management. They also provide general ushering and help with queries where possible. The Front of House team form the public face of Backstage and the performance in general, so we’re always looking for polite, helpful and professional assistants who can help out!

House Manager (HM)

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