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Lighting Team

The Lighting Assistant works with the Lighting Designer to implement the lighting design. They work in tandem with the designer to rig, focus and program the lights ready for the tech and dress run. During the actual performances, the Lighting Assistant is usually responsible for the control of the lighting system. This may range from acting on cues from the script, which are called by the DSM (Deputy Stage Manager), to live busking – which isn’t for the faint hearted! Sometimes we’ll also advertise for Followspot Operators, who are LAs who specifically operate spotlights to follow actors around the stage, following cues from the DSM or other LA.

Lighting Designer (LD)

The Lighting Designer’s primary responsibility is the artistic, creative, and often technical, oversight of the lighting for an event or performance. The work of a Lighting Designer, or LD, starts with concepts and suggestions from the director and ultimately cumulates in the realisation of a programmed lighting rig that can create the desired lighting effects. They are also responsible for delegating areas of this work to the Lighting Assistant and ensuring that the LA gains experience in, for instance, selecting, rigging, focussing and programming lights.

Lighting Assistant (LA)

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