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There is actually a person behind those messages - Lucy publicises her love for Backstage

This is a tad odd as most of you will usually hear from me as the faceless “Backstage” on Facebook, but turns out there is actually a person behind those messages, and that’s me! Publicity and Communications is essentially running our website and all of the social media accounts (yes even the long forgotten YouTube channel) and responding to messages and emails that we receive as a society, which seems super easy right?

Lucy is in her Third Year studying MEng Architectural Engineering at University of Leeds

I had huge plans at the start of the year for newsletters every other week and videos of our shows along with so many other things, and although a lot of that hasn’t been pulled off, this year has been one of our best for getting new members fully on board with the society, which was my ultimate goal with all those aspirations. It’s been so lovely getting to see all of the new faces and watching people make new friends (as I have myself), and I have truly loved this year in Backstage for that reason. I hope you all continue to love it and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store.

I had huge plans at the start of the year…a lot of that hasn’t been pulled off.

You’ll often find me at the top of ladders- I promise I enjoy it more than it seems

This year I have been more involved with shows than ever, and although it may be ruining my degree, it’s been wonderful. From PMing my first show with ‘In The Heights’ to lighting almost every other- intentionally or not- it’s been a pleasure to get to work with so many different people and to see so many shows go up successfully. A particular highlight for me was also being able to go and work at Edinburgh Fringe Festival for 3 weeks in August, which I wouldn’t have been able to do if not for backstage.

As for next year, you’re not getting rid of me quite yet as I still have another year at least at uni, so I’ll be sticking around for the foreseeable future, hopefully getting to see just as many members joining us next year! I hope whoever takes on this role has just as much fun as I have had this year and manages to pull off a few more of their plans!

Big love to you all x

By Lucy Flanagan

Posted on 14th March 2019


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