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Set GIAG idea

So, I didn’t think there was anyway to make a quick, exciting, cheap, accessible Set design Give it a Go. BUT, I prevailed and made a set game! One to rival all other GIAGs ever (in my humble opinion). So, in case, in the future, the next person to run a set GIAG has absolutely no idea what to do I thought I would immortalise my game through the Backstage Blog. We decided to run our GIAG similarly to last year by having a rotation system where we split the number of prospective members into four groups and they rotate through Stage, Lighting, Sound and Set after taking a tour of the Riley. Each rotation was given about 20 minutes in which the leader was expected to give an introduction into the particular field. So for my set game, I decided to make a pretend stage on the Riley floor. I collected some props and set from the wood store and instructed the team to build a set. I wrote down different sets, such as a spaceship, a coffee shop, a post-apocalyptic universe etc and put them into a bowl for people to pick out. In each rotation group I split them into a few teams of around six and asked them to pick out a piece of paper. They then had to build the set using items that I’d found. The remaining members of the rotation has to guess what they were trying to create! So can anyone guess what this is?

Posted on 31st October 2015

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