Past Committees


Elected 27/03/20 at the 2020 AGM, announced via Twitter and Facebook. Minutes available on request.

President: Al Simpson

Treasurer: Jay Sunley

Secretary: Adam Whitney

Equipment and Training Officer: Nick Caddy

Safety and Welfare Officer: Emily Taylor

Events Officer: Caroline Charnock (elected 28th April 2020)

Publicity and Communications Officer: Beth Warriner

Open Seat: Amy Wassell


Elected 29/03/19 at the 2019 AGM, at Leeds University Union Room 6, University of Leeds. Minutes available on request.

President: Lucy Flanagan

Treasurer: James Freedman

Secretary: Lucy Dennant

Equipment and Safety Officer: Talia Simmons (until January 2020)

Equipment and Training Officer: Jay Sunley (elected 24th January 2020)

Safety and Welfare Officer: Talia Simmons (elected 24th January 2020)

Events Officer: Al Simpson

Publicity and Communications Officer: Ugnė Martinaitytė

Open Seat: Ben Nuttall

First Year Rep: Amy Wassell (elected 24th January 2020)


Elected 16/03/18 at the 2018 AGM, at Leeds University Union Room 6, University of Leeds. Minutes available on request.

President: Chris Mee

Treasurer: Lily Biggs (elected March 28th 2018)

Secretary: Sarah Lewis

Equipment and Safety Officer: Lucy Dennant

Events Officer: Molly Cordery (until January 2019)

Events Officer (acting): Al Simpson (from January 2019)

Publicity and Communications Officer: Lucy Flanagan

Open Seat: Sian Holland

First Year Rep: Al Simpson (elected 13th December 2019)



Elected 20/03/17 at the 2017 AGM, at Michael Sadler Building, University of Leeds. Minutes available on request.


President: Erinna Salim 

Treasurer: Chris Mee 

Secretary: Katie Hayton

Equipment and Safety Secretary: Jennifer Muellenbach

Social Secretary: Lauren Allderidge (until November 24th 2017)

Events Officer (acting): Sarah Lewis & Chris Morris (November 24th until December 7th 2017)

Events Officer: Sian Holland (elected December 7th 2017)

Publicity and Communications Secretary: Sarah Lewis

Open Seat: Chris Morris

First Year Rep: Lily Biggs (elected December 7th 2017)


Elected 08/3/16 at the 2016 AGM, at Clothworkers Building, University of Leeds. Minutes available on request.

President: Chris Morris 

Treasurer: Richard Grindrod 

Secretary: Richard Wells

Equipment and Safety Secretary: Cam Race

Social Secretary: Corwin Cook

Publicity and Communications Secretary: D’arcy Darilmaz

Open Seat: Kat Ellis



Elected 12/3/15 at the 2015 AGM, 5.00pm on the Riley Smith Balcony at LUU. Minutes available on request. 

President: Kat Ellis 

Treasurer: Imi Fermor 

Secretary: Amy Dodd

Equipment and Safety Secretary: Sorcha Doherty

Social Secretary: Jordan Porter

Publicity and Communications Secretary: Sophie Bullen

Open Seat: Freddy Marlow


Elected 20/3/14 at the 2014 AGM, 5.30pm on the Riley Smith Balcony at LUU. Social secretary elected at an EGM on 2/6/14. Minutes available on request. 

President: Cam Race

Treasurer: Katie Lee-Sang 

Secretary: Freddy Marlow

Equipment and Safety Secretary: Rob Palin

Social Secretary: Lucy Russell and Alex Cant (stood down May 2014)

Social Secretary: Sorcha Doherty and Alex Cant (elected 2nd June 2014)

Open Seats: Sally Stephens and Dan Gordon



Elected 7/3/13 at the 2013 AGM, 5.30pm on the Riley Smith Balcony at LUU. Minutes available on request. 

President: Helena Goode 

Treasurer: Natalie McLoughlin 

Secretary: Adam Morris

Equipment and Safety Secretary: Rob Palin

Social Secretary: Lucy Russell

Open Seats: Becky Bannister and Dan Gordon


Elected 8/3/12 at the 2012 AGM, 5pm on the Riley Smith Balcony at LUU. Minutes available on request.

President: Gunnar Lindahl 

Treasurer: Dan Gordon 

Secretary: Rob Palin

Equipment and Safety Secretary: India Ardern

Social Secretaries: Becky Bannister and Alex Moore

Open Seats: Becky Carter and John Hodgson



Elected 15/3/11 at the 2011 AGM, at Balti King, Raglan Road, Leeds. Minutes available on request.

President: Alex Balfe (resigned Feb 2012 – acting president Becky Bannister)

Treasurer: Alex Moore 

Secretary: Becky Bannister

Equipment and Safety Secretary: India Ardern

Social Secretary: Jess Woolf

Recruitment Secretary: Alex Monk

Sponsorship and Merchandise: Gabby Wright

Training Officer: Peter Chiles

Open Seat: Andy Hughes


President: India Ardern 

Treasurer: Andy Hughes 

Secretary: Joey Dainton

Social Secretary: Phillippa Clarkson

Publicity Secretary: Penny-Jane Bourne

Equipment Secretary: Chris Pelly

Open Seats: Tom Large and Charles De Lord



President: Charles De Lord 

Treasurer: Al Hicks 

Secretary: Michael Cookson

Publicity: Rachel Wood

Fundraising: Pk Thummukgool

Social Secretary: Shiri Stern

Open Seats: Elaine Paterson and Tom Large


President: Claire Lightfoot 

Secretary: Rachel Wood 

Treasurer: Dan Winer (resigned Nov 2008- acting treasurer Claire Lightfoot)

Webmaster: Barry Carlyon

Fundraiser: Sam Leach

Social Secretary: Roisin Hanratty

Open Seat: PK Thummukgool



President: Sophie Reiser 

Treasurer: Shiri Stern 

Secretary: Fiona I’Anson

Fundraising: Sam Leach

Social Secretary: Fiona Bowditch

Open Seat: Juliette Gerstein

Edinburgh Seat: Gordon Nimmo-Smith

Webmaster: Barry Carlyon

Mascot: Binky Backstage-Dog


President: Jason Truss 

Treasurer: Matt Hulme 

Secretary: Dave Macbeth

Fundraising: John McConnell

Social Secretaries: Hannah Barker and Alexandra Brzezicka

Open Seat: Becky Eden-Green



President: Robin Taylor 

Treasurer: Joanna Sharp 

Secretary: Andrew Laidlaw


Elected 4/5/04 at the 2004 AGM, 6pm on the Riley Smith Balcony at LUU. Minutes available on request.


President: Jo Sharp 

Treasurer: Rich George 

Secretary: Gordon Nimmo-Smith

Social Secretary: Andrew Strachan

Webmaster: Rich Sage

Open Seat (America): Andrew Laidlaw



President: Rob Halon 

Treasurer: Emily O’Brien 

Secretary: Rich Thompson

Social Secretary and Communications: Jenny Betteridge

Open Seat: Amy Turner

Webmaster: Graham Connell


President: Caro Humphries 

Treasurer: Rich Sage 

Secretary: Katy Jales



President: Matt Ellis 

Treasurer: Rob Ludwig 

Secretary: Orlaith Kamenos

Social Secretary: Laura Smith

Communications Officer: Alan Woolston

Webmaster: Steve Wheeler

Open Seat: Jane Kingswood


President: Vanessa Ingram 

Treasurer: Anna Clough 

Secretary: Caroline Eagle

Social Secretary: John Aldred Raven

Representative: Emily Rodway

Communications Officer: Andy Paul



President: Vanessa Ingram 

Treasurer: Deuan Jones


Elected 29/4/96 at the 1996 AGM, held at 1pm in LUU Committee Room C. Minutes available on request. 

President: Rachel Beck (stood down term 3 of 95-96) 

President: Helen Pearce (elected term 3 of 95-96) 

Treasurer: Dave Wilkinson 

Secretary: Rob Jones

Social Secretary: Andrea Brady



The first committee of the newly-formed LUU Backstage Society, which officially became a Society on Thursday 12th October 1995. 

President: Alex Sandercock (stood down 13th Nov 95)

President: Paul Owen (elected 13th Nov 95) 

Treasurer: Kevin Atkinson 

Secretary: Susie Lowe 

Social Secretary: Paul Owen (until 13th Nov 95; then elected President)

Social Secretary: Tom Wilson (elected 13th Nov 95)

First Year Rep: Gemma Rickwood